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Belmont Abbey is a private, Catholic college (, located  on the west side of Charlotte, North Carolina. We are a liberal arts college with many  noteworthy programs, such as our Honors Program, science (pre-med and other pre professional programs), psychology, education, and criminal justice academic  programs. The Cardinal Newman Society calls Belmont Abbey College one of the top  Catholic colleges in America for faithfulness and affordability, and First Things  Magazine recently named the Abbey America’s #1 “School on the Rise, Filled with  Excitement.” In addition we have received a “Top-Tier Ranking” by U.S. News and  World Report, and recently named “A best Southeastern College” by The Princeton  Review. 


Quick Facts:

Belmont Abbey was rated in the Top 3 by U.S news and World Report, has an average  class size of 14 and 6 residence halls. 

Furthermore over 90% of the students who apply to medical school after graduating  from Belmont Abbey College are accepted. 

Belmont Abbey College offers a 4 year tuition guarantee along with maintaining a 7  year hold on tuition. 

Annual Tuition is $18,500 + $10,386 for room and board; making the total cost  BEFORE scholarships: $28,886 

This makes our overall cost to the student cheaper than the North Carolina public  university price. Our lowest price before any federal or State monies is $19,886 and  our average is $23,000 per year prior to external grants. 

Our quality academics with a personal touch will set you on course for an exceptional  future in grad school, a career and life. 

The Program

Our Rugby program is at it’s genesis. Approved as a fully sponsored sport by the  Abbey Athletics Department in December 2019, our first class will be welcomed in  August of 2020. Crusaders Rugby will be taking careful consideration and deliberation  as to which competition they will enter with options being USA Rugby’s National  Division II or the NSCRO Championship. We have fully staffed strength and  conditioning programs for all Athletic teams and our own athletic training staff on  site. 

Coach Whitrow has coached in College rugby since 2013 at the Men’s D1A & DII and  Women’s DI and DII levels. Coach Whitrow has also coached in the Varsity Cup and  the Collegiate Rugby Championship (CRCs) 

If you are a rugby junkie like we are and want an opportunity to pursue the best  version of yourself, you are likely a good fit for our program.  

We wish you all the best in your college search. We hope to speak with you soon! #RaisetheRed

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